Saturday, February 4, 2012

"This sure is an interesting town!"

I think you've seen that quotation before; it's something a man said on the sidewalk as I was photographing a parade with Grannies, Wolves and Little Red Riding Hoods.

We just got back from the "Spayghetti and Neuterballs" fundraising dinner for the PuppyDog Ranch rescue service. Music was Rat Pack ... Sinatra, Martin, Prima, etc. No pics from that.

Friday morning we were out at Bayard, where Sandy gave Kiwanis Terrific Kids awards to elementary school students. It was neat to see the moms lined up with cameras to take pictures of the little Pre-K girls with their certificates!

In the afternoon, we sat in on the performance The Ragbirds (out of Ann Arbor, MI) put on for about 500 school kids. Good fun.

That evening, we went to the regular (adult) show The Ragbirds put on at the WNMU Fine Arts Center Theater. BUT, on the way, we first went downtown to see what was happening on this First Friday of February ... the theme was the Year of the Dragon and there were Chinese lion dancers! And they went to The Lion's Den, naturally. The drummer kept up, down steps and up a bumpy street, without ever missing a beat!

The concert itself was good fun, high energy. Now it's just nice to be home, processing the pictures! tv

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